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Ann e Anglin's Isaiah Chapter 59 comment on 7/20/2020, 2:14pm...

Gods Timing::::::::There Friends Gods timing is different from Ours, we've to be continual in prayer n be patient

And Waite on His Answer We cannot hurry the microwave as one preacher said Cote did you ever tell the microwave to hurry up. God is a God of chances He answer when the time seems fit. Jesu

He didn't have to go to school when He was with us on earth, whenHe went to the Temple,He was teaching themwe still have His teachings n words today

He's still speaking to Us today just as 2000plus years ago

Friends seek Him n you will find Him just keep talking to Him He came for All sinners n will always hears Our Prayers even when we thing He's not listening He came forUsall


Robert's Isaiah Chapter 59 comment on 6/18/2020, 4:44am...

Isaiah, Chapter 59.

We don't have the ability, because of our sin, to put on God's armor, so God has put all the armor we need on his Son to become our shield. As Satan rules earth and is finite, our infinite God concentrates on our eternal life, whether in darkness or in light.

All the commands God gives us in His Word can only be achieved by his Son, Jesus Christ, not us. We are in the wrong gospel when we look to ourselves in becoming righteous and obedient to the Law of God, who by His definition is being without sin and is the Word who dwelt among us, our Redeemer.

Other gods are other gospels, and other gospels are judged in Revelation 22: 18&19 adding or taking away from God's Word. (For whosoever keeps the whole Law of God and yet offends in one point is guilty of all.)

No wonder God keeps reminding us to fear Him, and showing us we are to approach Him "empty" as sinners, begging for mercy and no other way.

When we trust and wait for Christ and live by the faith "of" Christ, not our worthless faith, a channel opens for us to pray to Him where our hope and wishes become exactly the will of God.

God is a Spirit and we are to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. One sin will send us into eternal death, so it is unprofitable for his servants to profess moral conduct to the masses. We are still blind to Him when we seek Him literally, not spiritually.

When we are poor in spirit, or meek, or lowly we are open to His Spirit and without another gospel blocking The Word of God.

As we read or hear The Holy Bible we are being covered by the robe of Christ's righteousness and His helmet of salvation.

Religion comes in many forms that pollute God's Word. To live by the faith of the Son of God is the opposite of being religious and opens us to be indwelled by the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit. That is salvation, and salvation is everything.

Variations of Gods word will die with us.

God's Word is Holy and will live with us forever.



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