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Wayne's Matthew Chapter 28 comment on 11/26/2022, 3:46am...

What is the Bible's view of Homosexuality ?

Some have said they are attracted to the same sex but they don't act on it...Is that a sin?


Ronald Whittemore's Matthew Chapter 28 comment on 7/15/2022, 4:06pm...

Hi Brain,

Not sure why Matthew Henry chose to go there using 2 Cor. 4:6, when the angel was the one whose countenance was like lightning. Matthew Henry commented it is often mentioned in the New Testament, as the day which Christians religiously observed in solemn assemblies, to the honor of Christ. This can be debated there are as many mentioning they met on the Sabbath because they did not have bibles like we have today and the only way to hear the scriptures was in the temple or synagogues on the Sabbath. We also see in scriptures they met every day of the week Acts 2:46-47.

What is not talked about very much, Jesus rose on the day of the Feast of Firstfruits. That is the first day after the Sabbath after Passover which is the first day of the week. Jesus is the Firstfruits of those who slept, 1 Cor. 15:20. It is also the first day counting each day of the 7 Sabbaths that brings us to the second harvest we call Pentecost that means 50 that is 7 Sabbaths plus 1 day.

The Jewish day starts at sundown at ends at sundown so in Matthew 28:1 Mark 16:2 Luke 24:1 and John 20:1 when the sun went down on the Sabbath it was the first day of the week. The women headed to the tomb with the spices to anoint Jesus and the sun was just about to come up except for Mary Magdalene, she was the first to go and it was still dark, John 20:1 but it was the first day of the week.

Romans 14 should help, if you will study all four accounts of this day it will shine light on many things. As Jesus told the woman at the well John 4:24-25.

Someone said, we are not called to go to church we are called to be the church and that is every day.

God bless,



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