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Matthew Chapter 28


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Rachel Briggs's Matthew Chapter 28 comment on 7/21/2021, 6:05am...

praise the lord

this shows what we are facing today as christians. lies,doubt and money. this must not dampen our love towards God through his son Jesus but should be used as the foundation to know about Christ more and more and to dispel the lies, doubt and the selfish use of money.

that is my view.


Dianne's Matthew Chapter 28 comment on 7/17/2021, 5:38am...

Chelsea you don't need anyone around to be saved and baptized Confess romans 10:9+10 and believe, I've known people who got born again in closets, hospital beds, jail cells, etc. that is between you and the father also to receive Holy spirit is the same thing, God is more willing to give than we are to receive. Also no body is good enough that's why we have a saviour its not given by merit its given because we need it and God knows that. All things of God are given freely, we just need to do whats written to recieve. Also you don't need water look at Acts 1:4-6 so believe and receive. God Bless


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