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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 27 comment about verse 31 on 1/29/2023, 2:44pm...

Book of Leviticus

Now that I have completed this book I am amazed at how much I have learned! I have read this book time and again in the past without really understanding it much. But this time, God has richly blessed me with so much good instruction. I am thankful to have taken the time to really search it and study, rather than try to breeze over it lightly, thinking it is only Old Testament stuff.

I am glad that I do not feel compelled to study through these books quickly or at any certain pace or along any timeline. I can take all the time God gives me to delve into these books without feeling hurried. So thankful!


GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 27 comment on 1/29/2023, 2:40pm...

Leviticus Chapter 27

Here I am at the end of this Book. This chapter speaks mostly of voluntary offerings made to God by a vow and then a few verses concerning three types of tithe.

The emphasis is for a person to carefully consider any vow they make to the Lord being sure it is one they can gladly fulfill and not desire to take back from God.

Jesus said, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's."

So just as paying taxes to Caesar is a "no take back" action, giving to God what He has rightful claim to is a "no take back" action, too.

Jesus said to let our "yes be yes and our No be No" and warned against vowing. We are to be true to our word and promises, just as God is true to His Word and promises. He does not lie, deceive, cheat, or take advantage of us, but He works for our benefit. We should have such an attitude towards others.

Jesus said to "count the cost" of following Him. We should be eager to obey God, but we do need to realize that following Him is a giving of "all of me to all of You" life.

God instructed the Pharisees about what they were setting apart for the Lord as Corban (holy unto the Lord), chastising them for doing this to avoid caring for their parents and family members in need, when what they set aside for the Lord also benefitted them, as the priests were to partake of what was offered to the Lord. We should be careful that our service "to the Lord" doesn't cause us to neglect our family and their needs. We serve first in our immediate family and then in the church. How easily children and aging parents can be significantly neglected by good meaning parents who are over dedicated to church work and functions. Pretty soon, the aging parents are gone and children are adults and the opportunity for closeness that could have been is now long passed and the family suffers.

So, we should daily seek the Lord as to what we will give to Him each day. This daily walk is what He wants more than big vows/offerings.


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