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Almad's Philippians Chapter 3 comment about verse 2 on 7/03/2021, 5:10pm...

Thank you for the answer. I see that I misspelled "whose."


Clueless in Austin Texas's Philippians Chapter 3 comment about verse 2 on 7/02/2021, 10:50pm...

Jesse, believe it or not, that's the first time I ever said that to someone.

Someone had just sorta rebuked me for mentioning dogs. I was hungry, tired and just wanted to go... and my flesh ruined a perfectly good day.

Thanks for the teaching tho' cause I really didn't know what it meant.

I had the JW's come by my door. I would nicely disagree when they wanted to read the brochure to me, and I worked my testimony in other times. It went on a few months. I knew they thought they had me straddling the middle. I had to say my decision for Jesus was firm. Then I said after the Rapture they could still receive Jesus as their Savior...they might die for it, but at least they'd be received into heaven. They're very sweet, but very much blinded as are some Jews in Israel.

My sweet tea and corn muffins failed.

Thank you, Dear Friend


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