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Joseph's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 5/12/2021, 3:00pm...

It really does not matter it was a way of choosing number 12 . thanks for the info. .


Jesse's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 5/12/2021, 9:08am...


It would be similar to drawing straws. Acts 1:26 says that they put forth lots. They cast lots. Casting lots was a very popular method used in those days. There are two ways. One way is you put a bunch of marbles in a bag, especially black marbles, and you put one white marble in and whoever pulls the white marble out, that's the one that's chosen for whatever activity you're doing.

Another one is to put names on rocks and put them in a basket and somebody reaches in and pulls a rock out with somebody's name on it. This is called the casting of lots. It's kind of like our drawing straws.

And they cast lots and the lot fell upon Matthias. And he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

This is how they made decisions in those days to find out what the Lord wanted. Remember the priest? In the Old Testament, he had that pocket and there were two stones. One stone meant yes and one stone meant no. Whenever a question came up, he pulled the stone out and whatever was written on the stone would be the answer. That's the only way they could know!

And then you have Luke Chapter 1 with Zacharias? When all the priests gathered together for their function for that week, all the priests would pull marbles out of this bag and the one that drew the white marble gets to burn incense in the Holy of holies.


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