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Chris's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 11/05/2020, 11:45pm...

Shirley, I gave this explanation below verbatim about a month ago to someone else, so I've copied it here for you to consider:

"The Bible doesn't give us any more details about Theophilus, the recipient of Luke's two 'manuscripts' (Luke 1:3 & Acts 1:1). There have been speculations about this man, so I'll share here what I've researched about him:

a. he may have been a Jew from Alexandria, Egypt, to which John Wesley also attests.

b. a Roman official; because of the use of "O Theophilus" & "most excellent Theophilus", denoting someone of high rank in the Empire.

c. just an honorary title, since Theophilus (Theophilos) means "friend of God", so Luke wrote generally to all who came under that category. I can't subscribe to this, as it appears to me that Luke was addressing a particular person rather than anyone.

d. Paul's lawyer, since some of his expressions are used in law. Words such as 'eye witnesses, account & infallible proofs' are given in support.

e. the High Priest of the Temple at that time, Theophilus ben Ananus, also brother-in-law to Caiaphas - no doubt a handy connection to have.

So take your pick! Best to leave him just as a name & focus on the important accounts that Luke gives us to learn from."


Shirley's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 11/05/2020, 3:20am...

Who is Theophilus?


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