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Richard H Priday's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 10/16/2022, 3:15pm...

There is a scripture on not eating the blood (Acts 15:20). That fits into the lifeblood concept from the O.T. It also discusses animals that are strangled. Therefore; we should not seek to eat meat that is "Hallal" meat in my estimation as it is done purposely by slowly killing an animal. I would say in principle that due to conscience there are certain food establishments that are notoriously cruel to animals and for a good testimony and witness it is good not to consume those meats. These things have changed over the years. The main thing; of course is not to eat anything around people who are having some sort of sacrificial idol worship by killing animals (again usually in a very brutal tortuous way as is the case with certain cults).

Other than this; the verses describing Peter's experience with the sheet being laid down from heaven with all sort sof unclean beasts has the bigger purpose involving the Gentiles being now the recievers of God's blessings (specifically starting with Cornelious and his household). These O.T. laws involved ceremonial law which the new covenant changed. Nonetheless it appears that in the Millennium there will be certain things once again in that arena; I would say because it is the only way mortal men will be able to live in the direct presence of Christ and US; the glorified saints who rule and reign with him at that time. That would explain reinstituting in that time the sacrifices as a reminder of what Christ did. I would tend to think in eternity with all death (the enemy) gone that will not continue.

The last thought of course is Corinthians where Paul tells us not to do anything to offend a weaker brother. That would also of course involve those who find in their belief certain things offensive (such as beef in a Hindu culture; pork among Jews and Muslims). FYI my aunt is vegetarian but doesn't have any apparent problem with those in the family ordering meat as long as it isn't in HER food. So exceptions occur.


GiGi's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 10/15/2022, 9:18am...

Hi Christie,

You can read in 1 Timothy 5:1-5 where Paul says that every creature God has created is good and nothing should be refused if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified by the word of God. This he said in response to false teachers who teach certain O.T. dietary restrictions.


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