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Lydia's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 12/18/2021, 8:07am...

Very kind and thorough answer, thank you for taking the time.

I am unsure about casting lots, the disciples did this before they received the Holy Spirit and Matthias was never heard from again in the Bible. Some people think that St. Paul was the 12th disciple God wanted and did have and ordain to replace judas but I don't know.

Casting lots was Old Testament before the Holy Spirit was given to in-dwell men. I find it hard to hear the Holy Spirit's voice, I have been trying to do a Holy Hour where you sit in the presence of the Lord and both pray and listen for the Spirit of Jesus to guide into what is needed for your life, the still small voice seems to come if you ask and keep on asking for the Holy Spirit as Jesus instructed.

Jesus said, "What father refuses his child, if you who are imperfect give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give to those who ask and keep on asking for the Holy Ghost." And the parable of the unjust judge and the widow woman who kept on asking for justice, to pray and not to faint.


Beverly Trice's Acts Chapter 1 comment on 12/06/2021, 8:52am...

About Christmas

Why has the Church brought a tree in the Sanctuary but they don't want Altars in there?


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