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GiGi's 1 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 2/22/2022, 10:21am...

Hello Ben, The brethren here have given you good replies. I just want to add that David did not initially order that the Ark be according to the Law (which would be by two poles carried on the shoulders of the sons of Kohath or the Levites). Uzzah's dead really got David's attention. He may have realized that he had not ordered the Ark to be carried properly and thus had culpability in Uzzah's death. He may have thought, "If not that I was God's anointed king, I may have been struck with death also."

So, the stopped and put and housed the Ark in the home of one who happened to be a Kohath (unbeknownst to David).

So, after some time, they had gathered enough sons of Kohath to properly carry the Ark to Jerusalem. David was so very happy to have the Ark finally returned to the Temple in Jerusalem he led the procession with uninhibited dancing and shouts of praise, singing, and sheer abandon to worship to God. He was in obedience to God in the way the ark was being carried, reveling in its return to its proper place in the Holy of Holies where the glory of the Lord was revealed on the mercy seat, and had been rightly educated by the death of Uzzah. He accepted this correction personally and deeply.


T. Levis's 1 Chronicles Chapter 15 comment on 2/22/2022, 6:28am...

I would like to add a wise answer given by a young man. It was something like this & (I've added additional rationale): Being this was the return of The Ark of The Covenant, that was taken because of disregard to GOD's Laws, 1Samuel 2:12-17, contradictory to the Laws given in Exodus, Leviticus & Deuteronomy, & even in Joshua, Joshua 3:3, 1Samuel 2:27-36, 1Samuel 3:1,2,3,11,12,13, 1Samuel 4,

that 'maybe it was because HE had to make a strong early example because people have a tendency to diminish respect over time. If there was no consequence in the returning & beginning a new ere, then how much would have been disregarded after?'

It appears to be consistent with the beginning New Testament Church; Acts 5:1-11,

Whether we like it or not, David was significantly upset & considerably moved by it. 2Samuel 6:8,9, but yet also took a more respectful, Holier approach, with much reverance 1Chronicles 15:2, 1Chronicles 15:1-25, even then as David gives total honor to GOD & in his "first Psalm" says "be mindful always of HIS covenant, the Word which HE commanded to a thousand generations" 1Chronicles 16, then that respectful approach continued with David's son King Solomon; 2Chronicles 5,

Hopefully this is also helpful & welcomed to discussion.


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