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Fred Scanlan's Isaiah Chapter 66 comment on 6/02/2021, 6:13pm...

I walk along and I hear his voice. He puts his arm around my back as we walk along! He is calming, the voice most would only dream to hear! He comforts me and assures me I am not alone! He says only a little while longer, and you will be with me in paradise!

I hear Him say go forward now and confess me to all I bring you too! Show them who I am ! Let them see the power of the holy spirit! Be not afraid, they have no power then that what I give them! Carry on my faithful servant, and know I am with you.


Robby's Isaiah Chapter 66 comment about verse 17 on 2/12/2021, 11:12pm...

Isaiah 66:17 In the day of The Lord those believing they are upright by the law shall have their hypocrisy revealed.

For the Father hath put all things into the hands of His Son, Christ Jesus.

By fire and by the sword (the Spirit of God and the Word of God) The Lord will see to it that they which foolishly deny The Lord's power and omnipotence are consumed by the letter of the law.


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