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Bob Grove's Matthew Chapter 5 comment on 7/12/2020, 11:51am...

You are right , when people forget God they will be turned into hell , not because that's Gods choice for them , but they have chosen it , not knowing the outcome . Sodom and Gormoria , is been played out again . To the faithful stay with the bible your source . We must overcome and God says He will make us overcome . Bob Grove


FAMINE OF HEARING the WORD OF GOD's Matthew Chapter 5 comment on 7/12/2020, 11:13am...

I know what you have encountered. When I walk into a Church, if no one greets me and welcomes me to the service; it's a sign that the wonderful heart of Jesus is barely beating there.

You have to wonder how people's livesare impacted by sermons on psychology or marriage counseling?

It's true that the last days Churches will be starved for hearing the Word of God.

Why is it that people don't feel brave enough to let the Pastoral staff know that they would really love to hear more Bible explanation of Scripture? It's a wonderful feeling to leave Church and be filled full of Gods Word and the time spent in the presence of the Holy Spirit giving the Light of Jesus on his Word. It fills you up. Makes you want to tell someone else what you learned that day.

I truly believe that if the true believers, would turn off the media, get on the floor beside the bed and pray their broken hearts out to God for a revival; God will respond to his beloveds tears.

There really is a famine for the hearing Of Gods Word. Now the Government is trying not only to prevent Church services; but also Mandate that no SINGING is allowed in Church because we might blow corona virus onto the people near us! How dare they do this? It is NOT our President who is doing that. It is the Godless House of Representatives that brazenly uses our President to further their campaigns to remove God from this country.

I mean, one old lady atheist was able to get prayer, Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance to our National Flag thrown out of schooL. Our children know nothing about Jesus and His Love for them. And NOW, a famine for hearing anything about God. WOE to the United States! Once full of Justice, Mercy and belief that all people were created Equal..has almost been dissolved by Satan possessed people.

YES people, Jesus is returning soon! He's coming whether we believe in Him or not.

Your time is short to get your business straight with God. Get to it. Mishael


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