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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 36 comment about verse 1 on 10/03/2022, 8:49pm...

Hello Richard,

Glad you mentioned about the Cherubim. Seems kind of odd that they could make these images but not images of YHWH. But I guess God only wanted them to make images He says to make. The cherubim must have been very beautiful and majestic. They certainly indicated that the mercy seat was a holy place and also looked down on it, as if being watchful. guarding it, or, perhaps, inquiring of what God's mercy is (1 Peter 1:12).

There were also Cherubim embroidered on the curtains.

Makes me remember that God placed a fiery Cherub with a flaming sword to guard the Gateway into the Garden of Eden. They

have their purposes to fulfill.

Maybe God wanted the Israelites to be mindful that there is a whole spiritual realm full of powerful beings that either work for God or against Him. But these are not to be worshipped. Perhaps having these images of cherubim was also a test by God to see if they will succumb to idolatry again like they had with the golden calf.

I appreciate your input and am glad to hear more from you. Have a blessed evening, Richard.


Richard H Priday's Exodus Chapter 36 comment about verse 1 on 10/03/2022, 8:23pm...

Since you have such more detailed commentary than I perhaps it won't help much on what little I have to say. The best analogy I can give is the detailed depiction of the Cherubim; each one facing each other on either side of the mercy seat. There was; to the best of my knowledge only descriptions of faces that appear as man; eagle; lion and one other. The representation emphasizes the holiness and yet doesn't diminish the significance of such powerful praise before the throne by these creations given high authority.

Much of the same could be said about God and/or Christ. There is nothing wrong with the precious jewels and all the other majestic glories of heaven; but the holiness of God when taken away after the fall of Lucifer took the meaningful communion away; much like the original glory of Adam in the garden can never come back; but for His people we are made into His likeness and image by being adopted sons. A simple explanation also is that any artwork becomes an idolatrous object of worship; just as images of Christ do. They vary; of course in appearance in different cultures.

We have; of course symbology as I know you are aware with the O.T. Temple and Christ. The significance throughout each dispensation is obeying God's way of doing things; hence each procedure is to be carefully followed. Sacrifices could never do what Christ did to ultimately remove sin; but they were able to preserve us until the time and space when He was able to provide the atonement. Another way to put it is that Christ's body being marred worse than any man; bleeding and dying for us is a beautiful thing because it secured our redemption. There is really no good way to represent it without it being an offense because Christ was victorious rising from the dead a few days later. Yet we must in our souls remember this atonement securing us as adopted sons.

Thankfully; in heaven we can enjoy such splendour without ever being covetous; or proud or doing any sin


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