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JN Snyder's Luke Chapter 12 comment on 6/22/2020, 8:10am...

These miracles done by our Lord are recorded in part to encourage us when we face some hardship. When my baby sister died, my parents suffered greatly. Many years later, my next younger sister died. We suffered but in all we found God's grace to be more than sufficient. The unsaved look on to see how we handle hardship. If we grow in our faith in the midst of these trials, the unsaved will have an improved outlook on what the Christian life is all about.


Chris's Luke Chapter 12 comment on 6/17/2020, 11:16pm...

Keun, from my observations over many, many years, is that both the non-Christian & Christian don't "take this Book too seriously" enough. If you are referring to the Bible, God's Word to us for today & into the future, I have found that we are in the mess we are in today, because we have failed to heed God's Commands given to us in Love & not for our hurt & destruction. We have preferred to go our own way giving little regard to spiritual matters rather attending to worldly possessions & happiness. I wonder how many happy faces are there in Hell?

And so our present state reveals the extent of our deterioration, the deserving of rejection by God, & the necessary closing of this wicked age. Yes, the Bible contains some very serious matters in its pages, & we could do no less than to take it seriously & not casually or flippantly. I sincerely hope that you will carefully & prayerfully read through its pages & learn what God intends for your life & future.


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