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Chris's Genesis Chapter 19 comment on 9/08/2022, 6:00pm...

That question may always remain a mystery to us, though I'm sure the name, 'Essenes' might come up often in your travels in that area. All the best Gregory, as you excitedly embark on this very memorable journey - hope it will turn out to be everything you hoped & planned for.


Gregory's Genesis Chapter 19 comment on 9/08/2022, 10:07am...

Thank you for your reply Chris.

Just curious as they say they are not sure who wrote the scrolls and...just a thought.

By His Grace I will be with Maranatha Tours from October 30th thru November 9th from Dan To Beersheba. We are scheduled to see the caves where The Dead Sea Scrolls were found and time permitting, (we will) go to where the Fire and Brimstone came down.

Yes, the excitement is mounting daily.

Thank you,



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