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Tupperdan's Revelation Chapter 19 comment on 2/18/2023, 2:51am...

Thanks for taking the time to respond in great detail. God is dealing with me. I've come to realize that sometimes I question things that don't need to be questioned. But on the other hand He tells us in (Mathew 24:4) to Watch out that no one's deceives you. So I know this trait I have of questioning someones statements is good. But I also must realize if I'm wrong I must quickly come to God for repentance.I'm saved by Gods love and grace for His creation.

Have a great weekend God Bless


Chris's Revelation Chapter 19 comment on 2/17/2023, 8:20pm...

I read Richard Priday's post quite simply as 'angels are not to be worshipped'; this he stated at the first. And he goes on to state that God, in the past, has used angels to carry out His requirements. We see this at Mt. Sinai, at Sodom, at Jacob's encounter with the Angel, in the Revelation given to John, & other places. Richard of course, mentioned these theophanies (an appearance of God, or a perceived appearance of God, to man); Genesis 32:24-30 being a good example of this, when Jacob exclaimed, "I have seen God face to face". Of course, it was God's Angel that Jacob saw & wrestled with, but his encounter with this Being & the blessing he received (which may have been extensive & with accompanying Glory), brought him as close to God on Earth as humanly possible. That of course was in the OT days. Those "in Christ" now, have God, by His Holy Spirit, residing in our being 24/7.

And Richard's last sentence, "Such things would not be done by saints of God with created beings", I read it as a summary of his belief that such encounters, as we read in the Bible, can only be had with God & His angelic messengers, not with sinful man. So the belief is still strong: angels are not to be worshipped, but when God sent His angelic messenges, due reverence must be given to God alone, receiving the message or act from His angel as it were from God Himself. I hope I remained true to Richard's comment & this has helped you to come to grips with it.


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