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Carleton's Philippians Chapter 2 comment on 5/05/2021, 5:59pm...

I think I may have once already left this dream that my Atheist step-father whom loved and taught me some good life long lessons. He was humble enough to tell me this dream long after I became a Christian. He dreamt that he died and was carried to a dark place where he was completely alone but fully conscious of his own existence and that this existence in this state was not to end. He was very concerned of it's meaning. Sorry for the possible repeat.


Ron's Philippians Chapter 2 comment on 5/05/2021, 2:09pm...

Hi Rawlie, I have visited many different denominations and my opinion is denominations divide the body of Christ. It turns the believers into belonging to a named religion, they hold the name of their denomination in pride saying I am a______, or I am a______, not I am a believer in Jesus Christ. We make it like colors, I like red, you like green, and she likes blue, who's right where is truth? The truth turns into an opinion or preference not what is true. I know there are Councils of Churches working to bring unity in Christianity. The churches when the scriptures were written had names of the cities, they were not named by the different beliefs they had. The one verse in the chapter you referred, I feel people did not observe so they created each different denomination.

Philippians 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings:

I do not know any scripture for ecumenism.

God bless, Ron


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