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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 74 comment on 1/06/2023, 7:08pm...

Psalm 74

We see the theme here as in much of the Book of Lamentations where God appears to have cast His presence from His people. When we get to chapter 3; verse 31 He promises not to "cast them off forever." Isaiah 26:20 describes God Himself stating that He had turned away for a short time but would return with mercy. Again; the final prophetic application would appear to be in Revelation (or the time of Jacob's trouble in Jeremiah 30:7).

The "perpetual desolations" in verse 3 of this Psalm remind us of the "Abomination of Desolation" when the Temple is overtaken by Antichrist much as it was with Antiochus Epiphanes earlier in Daniel 9:25-27 and quoted by Christ starting in Matthew 24:15.

Verse 8 is as far as I know the only passage in scriptures mentioning the word synagogues; here they were being burned up by the enemy; likely prophetic of the Babylonians and of course the end times. Blasphemy as seen in Revelation 13 is mentioned in verse 18. The prophets being seen no more could refer ahead to the intertestamental times or again when there is vision sought in the end times by false prophets who predicted peace; peace when there is no peace (Jeremiah 6:14).

Verse 20 implores God to "have respect unto the Covenant" as related; no doubt to the Promised Land. Once again the poor and needy are sought out as those who the Lord will restore; and the Psalm ends with a plea not to forget those enemies and their "tumult". Surely God will come soon; but will there be any faith on the earth when that Day comes? (See Luke 18:8).


Laura's Psalms Chapter 74 comment on 6/11/2020, 12:07pm...

Seems to reflect current issues of rebellion pride, hate & racism issues in 2020.

In Jesus Mighty Name Father God Almighty I bind satan the strongman, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness & spiritual wickedness in high places. Father God reach down & break the 7 heads of leviathan & separate him from satan the strongman & forbid leviathan from operating through the prince of the power air, in the bush & in the deep for through Jesus Christ we bind, chain & cage every bitter root derived from satan & his army desiring to divide our Nation founded under GOD. Father uphold us with your Mighty Right Hand and push back the plans of the wicked & return 7 fold unto the heads of those who love cursing rather than blessing lest they repent in JESUS Mighty Name All Glory, Honor & Power Belongs to the LORD Jesus Christ! He alone is Righteousness found, Magnificent and HOLY is our GOD!


Blessed be the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ!

Lord of Lords

King of Kings

Father God in Jesus Mighty Name I loose Forgiveness, Faith, Hope, Love, Mercy, Grace, Loving Kindness, Godly Sorrow, Repentance unto Salvation, Joy, Sound Mind, Complete Restoration, Courage, Godly Wisdom & Knowledge, Endurance, Strength, Eye's to see, Ears to Hear & Hearts to Receive what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Body of Christ. Holy fire hedge of protection & Glory in the midst. The gifts of the Holy Spirit. Gentleness, Boldness to speak the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. God's Favor & the Blessings of Abraham. Thank You JESUS! Praise Ye the LORD & His Righteousness Forevermore! HOLY and MIGHTY is the Lord God Almighty Maker of Heaven & Earth. Of things Seen and Unseen. Worthy is the Lamb of GOD!


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