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Nisa's 1 Chronicles Chapter 2 comment on 5/02/2022, 6:51pm...

There is so much proof that you need two parent's to be a Jew ,

if you have a Jew father and a strange woman that child is a mongrel, Vice versa!

This is all based of Scriptures . Esau can only reproduce with His woman of his lineage for the child to be considered a full blown Edomite .

Mongrel is a mixed race of people.

The mongrels of Whom GOD has MERCY N GRACE for can come back in the Third generation both sets of grandparents from each side paternal and maternal matters.

That's a precepts of man doctrine that there is no such thing as mixed the Bible say other. The mongrels is a mixed race.

Rape n mixed marriages took place in Babylon captivity.


Nisa's 1 Chronicles Chapter 2 comment on 5/02/2022, 6:42pm...

The woman does have the seed as well , this is why Ishmael didn't receive the blessing . You need the Sperm n Egg from the beginning the Woman is the SEED.

Judah is the true mongrel because of the mixtures of Mixed marriage's and rape .

Mongrel shall be a Clan in Judah . So they will be able to come back in the third generation and choose their tribe they choose to dwell.

Most people think of the gonads as the male testicles. But both sexes have gonads: In females the gonads are the ovaries, which make female gametes (eggs). The male gonads make male gametes (sperm). When a baby girl is born, her ovaries contain hundreds of thousands of eggs, which stay inactive until puberty begins.

The Satan seed is of Cain that is speaking on seed from man because Cain came back as Esau another Nation, WHOM become EDOM through taking wives of other NATIONS.

This is why this vexed Isaac and Rebecca because Esau took the women of the land to reproduce with that's why those kids was by strange women .

JACOB had to mate with the Free Woman to keep a pure bloodline. Mary made off law circumcision the bowels of man . Esau was loved by Isaac , JACOB was a Mama boy.

Cain feared for his life because of his leprosy which when he came back in the Earth he came back as Esau , Red means bloodshed red uncooked meat Esau begged Jacob for . Esau gave up his birthright just like Cain did through bloodshed.

The mongrel race got mercy from GOD as GOD said about MOSES son by the strange Woman and like the israelitish woman son who came out of Egypt .

The Mixed multitude that GOD said can come back in the third Generation.

We are not living new lives everything is in the BIBLE.

Just as those kids born of the seed of Judah n Levi but couldn't speak the language which is the Holy Spirit and was sent out with their mother's.

Mercy n Grace is for Israel.

Esau is the seed of the serpent border of wickedness


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