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Richard H Priday's Job Chapter 14 comment on 4/04/2022, 6:15pm...

There are great truths here in Job; proported to be the oldest narrative in scripture; largely held to be written by Moses. The subject of the afterlife is in great detail here. The perspective of the soul leaving the body after death (v. 10); and the concept of sheol are mentioned. In his compromised state; Job is convinced; it seems that he has no hope as those who would go to the place of torment; it would seem. In reality; since he was a man of God he would be where Lazarus went; a place of comfort or "Abraham's bosom" in the paradise section. Instead; Job sees his transgressions as it were sealed up (v. 17); and his flesh having pain; and his soul within him mourn AFTER death; it would appear after he is "sent away" v. 20. This looks much like the land of darkness and chaos in Job 12:25; and verse 24 is much like Ezekiel in description of the kings in the underworld as well. Verse 14 and 15 give a hope of his "change" and for the wrath to be past in v. 13 is similar to Daniel speaking of the Resurrection after the time of Jacob's trouble. Whether the O.T. saints are resurrected after the rapture of the church; and such timing is too much to get into here.

Job later states that in his flesh; he shall see God (Job 19:26).

In these passages; declarations of truth during unbearable suffering give a lesson for saints today to do the same. This also was the case when Christ was suffering before His glorious resurrection. Trust in God must override everything else; for He is faithful; even when we are not.


Chris's Job Chapter 14 comment on 1/05/2022, 3:04am...

Thank you brother T. Levis. I think we all have something to offer, from how we understand the Word to how the Spirit leads us to learn & share. You too, have blessed many with your many Scriptures you share as an answer to other peoples' enquiries - for God's Word speaks more correctly & directly than what we might offer. Blessings.


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