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Philip Christian Parks's 1 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 7/07/2021, 1:28pm...

First Peter 3:15; "be ready also to give an answer" = Here, the word "answer" translates from the Greek noun root (transliterated "apologia"; pronounced "apo-log-EE-ah"), and from which, derives the English noun "apology."

This term originates the Christian Theological field of "Apologetics" of which a person, described as an "apologetic", defends True, Biblical Christianity with truths and proofs, which usually involve definitive and convincing arguments used to refute contradictions against it.

Compare the word "answer" to its synonymous expression "earnestly contend for the Faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude v.3).

When using the same definition above, the Greek root "apologia" also translates into either "answer" or "defense" in the following references:

Luke 12:11-12;

Luke 21:14-15;

Acts 22:1ff;

Acts 24:10ff;

Acts 25:8 & 16;

Acts 26:1-2ff;

Philippians 7 & 17;

Second Timothy 4:15-16.


Ricardo Garcia's 1 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 6/21/2021, 6:20am...

in verse 21 the saved by water comment does refer to the water of the flood or natural water its referring to the grace that flows from Christ himself, in reality the floodwater didn't saved no one, actually it was the ark in the natural sence that saved.


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