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RichFairhurst's 1 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 3/11/2022, 7:19am...

I misspoke and said verse 20 instead of verse 22. I had always seen the idea of preparation and waiting in verse 20 before, but I hadn't see it in verse 22 until our discussion.


RichFairhurst's 1 Peter Chapter 3 comment on 3/11/2022, 6:46am...

For me personally, laying out the parallelism as I have is actually what allowed me to see aspects of Verse 20 as a period of preparation and waiting and also prior to that I myself overlooked Psalm 110:1 and it's importance as a possible source of comfort.

I know you continue to say inverse parallelism is not necessary to understand the verse, and it may not be for people like yourself. But the things I wrote about regarding Psalm 110:1 did not come from anything you wrote about the verse and the importance of that reference never occurred to me prior to laying the verse out as I had. I doubt I would ever have been able to see or express those ideas as clearly or as confidently as I just did without viewing these 4 verses in this way, since I never had before. Additionally, Free's comment suggests that he gained new insights by considering the verse as I had laid it out that he had previously not considered. So from my perspective it has not been unprofitable to view the verses in this light, even if it is not necessary for others like you to do so.

Still I have to also consider that without our discussions on this verse I might have missed the Psalm 110:1 connection as well, since that also inspired me to trace out ideas that were only a vaguely expressed intuition about that aspect of the verse before. So iron continues to sharpen iron, and brothers coming at a verse from different perspectives can lead to a greater shared understanding through a respectful discussion, even if both continue to differ in their approaches. That is comforting to me as well.

So I have no problem with you continuing to say chiasmus is unnecessary for these verses, since we are agreed that Peter's teaching on baptism are a great source of comfort for suffering Christians, both in its internal comfort with regard to their consciences and the assurance it brings that the external forces opposing them can be endured with a certain hope for the future that they will prevail.


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