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Job Chapter 34


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Fred Scanlan's Job Chapter 34 comment on 11/25/2017, 5:42am...

Our natural man and woman because of original sin is naturally against God. Since this is true ,than how can man commune with the creator or be found in and with him? How will God manifest himself to us?
Christ only, is the way the truth and life,. When we are clothed, covered in his righteousness, the Holy Spirit will manifest himself to us. To Know Christ is to love Him. Keep his commandments.


Alex Mattathil's Job Chapter 34 comment on 4/09/2017, 5:35am...

We know what is good and what is bad. Job is an innocent person. So put away your sins and be an innocent
honest person. God strikes men down and they perish.He punishes sinners where ever he is because God is in every form of Spirit.
I would pray for you all. May the Lord God bless you!!


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