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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 64 comment on 12/15/2022, 6:23pm...

Psalm 64.

The Psalm certainly reminds us of Satan's role as the "accuser of the brethren". This is recorded in the earliest texts of scripture in Job; and Genesis; and is seen in the still future events in Revelation 12. Since the word them and they seems to be the context of the Psalm there are certainly powers and principalities under Satan's rulership that would probably plan to work on people to search out "iniquities" and "inward thoughts" such as verse 6 show.

It would seem that perhaps in the final judgment at Armageddon the destruction of those who are blaspheming God and no doubt the saints as Satan himself is starting in Revelation 13 will cause some of the fear in verse 9 and the rejoicing in verse 10.

I have tended to look to future prophetic final fulfillments to be strongly suggested not only in Psalms but most of scripture. There are certainly many things applicable to David as this one (albeit not specifically mentioning any particular event in his life that inspired these words).

Looking at my "cheat sheet" from church a few years back there are many types of Psalms; the "lament" one has a title/intro.; complaint; promises (petition); A statement of trust and Praise. (Thanks to K. D. a former elder in my church who taught this study; guess I'm not allowed to mention names here).

At any rate; there is certainly some mystery as to the order of the Psalms (not chronological) and to just when and where certain types appear; also of course some run through multiple chapters with the same writing. There are acrostic patterns we can't see except in the original language. May these verses and all scripture be real to us as we meditate on the Word day and night (Joshua 1:8).


Manuel A Quindo's Psalms Chapter 64 comment on 6/25/2020, 2:50pm...

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