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T Levis's Hosea Chapter 5 comment on 1/15/2023, 4:29pm...

2 Chronicles 7:14,

I think you, yourself have to determine how & if you fast. By your faith.

Isaiah 58, Galatians 2:6, Hebrews 11:6, James 1:5-7,

The problem, you've stated you have is considered 'high blood sugar' usually less sugar intake is better for your body. Less food would be less sugar, but that means don't take the same insulin amounts. You should talk about it with the people you're trusting that diagnosed you & prescribed medicine to you, if you're taking insulin.

I guess the first act of faith in fasting for you could be, eating healthy. Cut out unnecessary sugars.

Several fellowships do a 15 day no desserts. Some turn off TV, radio etc to take time to listen to GOD. Usually all fasts reading the Bible & praying more. Turning from sin, like things that displease GOD. Like abusing someone's own body: 1Corinthians 6:9-10,11, Romans 14:22,23, Philippians 3:9,

Hebrews 11,

Interestingly the Bible mentions taking off Kingly garments & putting on sackcloth with fasting: 1Kings 21:27, Daniel 9:3, Isaiah 37:1, Jonah 3:5-10,

(this is the chapter Daniel 9, that the fellowship, takes the 'no dessert' fast from.)

Matthew 6, praying & asking Luke 11:1-13,

Then extreme fasts, for extreme situations: Books of Esther, Matthew 17:14-21,

Hopefully these are helpful


Richard H Priday's Hosea Chapter 5 comment on 1/15/2023, 3:25pm...

Dear Myra:

I think I did a commentary a few weeks ago on that subject. At any rate there are various lengths of time and types of fasts (such as Daniel eating only vegetables for a period of time; probably long term to avoid the Babylonian items probably offered to idols). There are one day fasts and longer as scripture indicates. God knows your heart; if you skip a meal then He will fill you with enough sustenance in the Spirit to persevere in prayer and meditation on the Word. Water obviously affects sugar levels so I would think it would be inadvisable to be without for any great time period.

I'm not sure who is in fellowship that you attend and what their policy is; normally it is pretty rare seeing fasting today; although some may push it who of course we need to be wary of if there is some forced control issue here. If urgent prayer is needed and you can't do what others are then you certainly shouldn't be excluded. It appears normally fasting is something an individual does; although it certainly could be suggested at least in the above situation.

At least in my current church; it seems getting anyone to do more than a "starvation diet" of prayer is a constant battle; I mentioned today that I am pressing as hard as I can without being obnoxious about it. My point being; that if people under ordinary circumstances aren't pressed and convicted to pray frequently and without "formally scheduled" periods where they are basically told who and what to pray about and limited to say half an hour (if you're lucky) even if the DID fast probably not much more would be accomplished--if they even attempted such a thing. Apparently my old church in Pittsburgh recently had an all night prayer (in shifts). Good for them. The other thing is; of course if people don't want to live for the Lord and their hearts aren't right God can't be expected to respond to their prayers.

Sorry to "rant" just thought some of this could be relevant. I ask for wisdom 4U.


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