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D W L's Mark Chapter 10 comment about verse 30 on 6/17/2021, 3:39pm...

Me on Mark 10:9

Hebrews 12:14. Follow peace with all men and Holiness without which NO MAN shall see the Lord.


David's Mark Chapter 10 comment about verse 9 on 6/14/2021, 11:02am...

Hey Paul Keen,

In order to know if God is speaking to you, you must first know God. Being saved is the first step, but you still need to know of God. Know His character, His Truths, His attributes; then you will know if you are hearing from God of the Scripture. John 10: 24-27

True believers can know the Truth, because you've studied the Truth in scripture.

To know counterfeit money, you must study the real money. Then you will be able to know the fake, because you know the true money.

Know Jesus, know the Truth. No Jesus, No truth.


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