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Nuri Ben israel's Leviticus Chapter 23 comment on 2/18/2021, 11:54am...

hello my name is Nuriah Ben Israel


Chris's Leviticus Chapter 23 comment on 2/05/2021, 10:48pm...

One can't be sure how those people in the days of Noah understood the passing of years - maybe some sort of record was kept for each day of one's life, & though a tedious job, the information would have been carried forward to succeeding generations. Moses, who generally is considered to have recorded the events of Genesis, somehow gained information on the length of days of those who lived pre & post Flood. However, it wasn't until God's direction to Israel to observe certain rules, such as not eating leavened bread on a particular day (Exodus chap 12) & then concerning the Sabbath, the day of rest, did a type of calendar follow & this was maintained strictly, lest they suffered God's Anger for their disobedience.

Jews use a calendar based on a lunar (moon) cycle whereas we have one based on the Sun. So the amount of days in their months vary slightly but they still have 12 months in the year. Some of their months have 29 days & others, 30 days. Just as their day officially starts at sunset, these are important along with their calendar so as to strictly observe their religious holidays, feasts & festivals. But they have to abide with our Gregorian calendar as well, if they are to align their worldly affairs with other countries.

As to the date of Jesus' birth, no one can be sure as no date has been recorded or given. Suggestions of dates from as early as September to as late as March have been offered after considering various events, Roman govt. in power, Herod's rule, etc., but no one can find agreement on a date. Though interestingly, the early apostolic Church is never recorded as celebrating Jesus' Birth or Resurrection on any particular date: rather, whenever they met to break bread, they remembered the Lord in His Coming & His Sacrifice. Might be worth noting.


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