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Alex1939's Psalms Chapter 138 comment on 12/21/2022, 9:21am...

Alex1939...Brenda good question...This wedding hall is the Kingdom of God and the friend that has no wedding garment is the Tare that satan has put there...Remember Jesus said to let them grow together till the Harvest...The wheat and the Tares...The Tares cannot have a wedding garment simply b/c he is satan's seed...That is gonna be burnt in the end...But the wheat and the Tares are friends simply b/c they live in the same body...Till the Harvest...They are the 2 men in the field...One taken and one left....An old friend that eats at my table has lifted up his heel against me...Which was Judas a type of satan...The Tare Satans seed.

....The Wheat is a baby Christ that New Creature..The H.G. The manchild that is gonna rule all nations...Simply b/c the sower of that good seed is Christ the bridegroom...Our wedding garment is Christ as the manchild..The H.G. THAT HAS TO BE BORN IN US...Whosoever receiveth one such child in my name receiveth me...She brought forth a man Child that is gonna rule all nations...Nothin availeth anything in Christ Jesus but a New CREATURE Which is the H.G. that has to be born in us via the seed of Christ and his NEW Covenant that he wrote with his own blood...The manchild which is the H.G. is the only thing that allows us to enter the Kingdom...Unless you receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child you will in no wise enter there in.

....One thing that is for sure The Kingdom does not come till the BOOK is opened in Rev 5:9 ...As God tells Daniel..And after the book is opened then John saw a number that no man cd number of all ppl from around the world of all nations...And Rev. 12:10 says now is come Salvation and the Kingdom of our God and his Christ ( the H.G. is the manchild...Which is the that New Covenant in his blood and the Kingdom.

.....This N.C. is a different story then the O.C....While we were yet sinners Christ died for us...And i was found of them that sought me not and i was made manifest unto them that asked not after me.


Alex1939's Psalms Chapter 138 comment on 12/21/2022, 4:45am...

alex1939...Brenda good question...But let us remember what Jesus did at Calvary,..He made a New Covenant in his blood...When he had taken the cup he said this is the New Covenant in my blood drink ye all of it...And if i be lifted up ( his blood ) i will draw ALL MEN unto me...Jeremiah 31:34...This is the Covenant i will make with the house of Israel and Judah I will put my words/laws in their hearts and MINDS and they shall shall ALL KNOW ME from the least to the greatest...And the Gentiles come into this Blood Covenant simply b/c if ye be in Christ then are you Abraham seed and are heirs according to the Promises...God so loved the world.

.....Many are called but few are Chosen...The only 1 Chosen is the H.G. that Gift of God to all the world..And is the Israel of God...But the book has to be opened 1st ....ok


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