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Richard H Priday's Deuteronomy Chapter 30 comment on 3/12/2022, 12:41pm...

This chapter is a continuation of the exhortations of the promises of cursing for turning away from God; and to a lesser extent of the volume of the text; the promise of blessings for obedience. There is always opportunity while one lives; even when disbursed to the "outer parts of heaven" (v. 4) for making things right with the Lord; and this indeed is his promise to Israel.

This passage contains the famous "free will" passage about choosing life (v. 19). It reminds us of Joshua's statement "as for me and my household; we shall serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). For the chosen nation; it is hard to separate the transgressions of individuals from eventual exile of both Judah and Israel. God; in His foreknowledge knew of course that all these rebellions would come to pass. Again; such preaching today certainly wouldn't be very popular. It is hard to say how much of today's calamities in society are due to sin and the curses on a nation; as the warning Christ had in His time about the tower of Siloam. (Luke 13:1-5). However; it is clear that all of creation is groaning at present. The law can never save us; but these passages are talking about the 1st Commandment primarily; leading of course to all other sources of sin and rebellion if any other "gods" are venerated. This allows; for instance the fornications that idol worship invokes; the murder of the unborn warned about time and time again in scripture when children were "put through the fire" (2 Kings 23:10) and numerous other passages are examples of two other resulting transgressions against the Ten Commandments resulting from turning from the living God.

Again; verse 11 and the next couple verses show that there is sufficient words from the Lord to make clear how to be obedient; Deut. 29:29 in other words doesn't indicate that He is hiding this sort of vital information. We only truly BELIEVE these as well as ANY other scriptural admonitions if we have the Spirit of God.


Larry Bolinao's Deuteronomy Chapter 30 comment on 9/18/2021, 7:05pm...

Every professing Christian should understand the depth of this chapter. because this is truly an important instruction of GOD ALMIGHTY TO MEN. but men fail to see its relevance bringing miseries and poverty to everyone.

our king Jesus even reiterate it in Matthew 22 : the most important commandment is LOVE GOD ALMIGHTY WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL . man then continue on his loss journey bringing all kind of tragedy: war, famine, pestilence poverty.

they thought that there is no GOD anymore, not understanding that there lack of understanding about the commandments of GOD BRING A LOT OF CURSES. you see, just as the curses did take place on Israel, the same is happening to the world; GOD ALMIGHTY IS NOT A PUNISHING GOD. but men attracts to himself his own demise, because men choose evil works than righteousness : GOD ALMIGHTY SEND HIS SON JESUS to bring peace and prosperity but they crucified him instead


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