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T. Levis's Revelation Chapter 20 comment about verse 6 on 9/27/2021, 12:01am...

This may actually be the differences in calendar years. I have recently been learning the differences in calendars. Todays USA calendar is different from the Jewish calendar, & even the Jewish calendar is different than originally. Hopefully that's helpful.

Proverbs 25:2

Proverbs 2:4

Matthew 13:11


Ronald L Whittemore's Revelation Chapter 20 comment on 9/22/2021, 7:21am...

Hey studying Revelation.

I agree with the study bible, the one I use has relating scripture in the middle and the scripture is half the page and commentaries on the bottom half. I love it you can study one page for hours for every time you go to another relative scripture it has more relating verses that will carry you all over the Bible.

I just listed two reasons that revelation is hard, it is made up of visions John was given and some of the visions are different, but are about the same event, but are in different parts of the book. And some things have not been revealed like the seven thunders John was told not to write and seal up.

I guess you are referring to Isaiah 24 on the upside-down, I don't see it fitting Genesis, maybe. I do agree with the last generation, whenever that will be, they may be shown what we cannot see now, if we die before it starts, we will wake up, and there we will be with Jesus.

God bless,



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