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Sam's Revelation Chapter 20 comment about verse 7 on 7/05/2021, 11:23am...

Countless thousands of died from this- 7000 on the low end. Check the OpenVAERS dot com stats which come from the CDC. They reported 7000 dead from the covid vaccine. That's more than double the deaths from 9/11 attacks, yet you never hear this on the lying media. They say it's "safe", but obviously if you die it's not safe- think of the thousands of grieving families. They even try to manipulate people into taking it by bribing them with free food, drinks, prizes, games, while failing to disclose that you may die or have blood clots, infertility, and who knows what other problems in the future. I can't believe that a free society forced everyone to become lab rats for an unapproved non-FDA approved experiment- which thousands are dying from. But since VAERS is voluntary for nurses and staff to use for reporting, the 7000 dead is underestimated. It could be 10x that amount! And no one cares! PC correctness is more important than people staying alive? Meanwhile the covid deaths have been grossly exaggerated- only 6% or less of the CDC reported figures are actually covid deaths- which says so on CDCs own website, and masks themselves have caused mass pneumonia deaths, besides the experimental injection. It's shocking how the media covers this up and putting a political false religion above people's lives.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-13

The only explanation for this irrational chaotic lying behavior causing mass death is that people are under satan's grip and have become entranced by a delusion. We are closer to end times than ever. Get right with God today.


Thomas's Revelation Chapter 20 comment about verse 7 on 7/05/2021, 8:35am...

And 8 times more likely to catch the Delta mutant variant (if u take the JAB)


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