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Stacy's Revelation Chapter 20 comment about verse 14 on 4/05/2021, 11:18am...

Davie Miller, regarding Revelation 20:14. I think you are accurate when you say, you die and you cease to exist, it's as though you never existed. God is a Holy, Just Merciful God. After the judgement, God will bring forward the second death, which is eternal.


Mild Bill's Revelation Chapter 20 comment about verse 14 on 2/01/2021, 7:29am...

Davie Miller,

The second death is similiar to the first death, a separation. In the first death a person is removed from their body and our present position in the time/creation sense of "world". In the second death a person is sent to "outer darkness" apart from God for eternity. For a believer, the experience is eternally exhilarating and joyful. For someone who did not believe, there is torment simply because God is. You see, while here in this form of life, both believers and non-believers may neglect God in our thoughts, but once we leave here, God is never absent in our mind. When he really is in our hearts as Lord and Savior, we never lose our place in his heart, forever.


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