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Carleton's Revelation Chapter 20 comment on 8/05/2020, 3:46am...

Even Born again believers have the seed of sin remaining in them, these bodies as we know them, cannot carry this seed into heaven. Heaven has been restored, Satan has been cast out and is here on earth and Satan is an ally to our flesh. The length of chain is not described in Revelation and should be kept in mind.


AFTER THE TRIBULATION's Revelation Chapter 20 comment on 8/05/2020, 3:09am...

Some people who gat saved during The Great Tribulation, will escape being murdered by the Antichrist. They never took the Mark of the Beast.

They will be taken to heaven as born again humans. Their bodies will not be transformed into eternal bodies yet. There will be marriages and children born.

After the 1000 years (?) Satan is going to be loosed to tempt THEM to follow Him.

For me, I would not want to be tempted by Satan after he just got released from 1000 years of Hell.


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