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Sandra Stewart's Daniel Chapter 1 comment on 3/13/2021, 6:54pm...

I find that before I open the Bible to read I say a prayer. I ask God for understanding and to open my 'mind eyes' to see and understand the things the 'naked eyes' are unable to see. I pray for direction and an enhancement to my understanding of the word of God. Alleluia!!! God answers prayers.


Karen richardson's Daniel Chapter 1 comment on 3/08/2021, 8:40am...

john 3:16

If you ask the Lord to forgive you of your sin cause all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, once you ask Jesus to come in your heart and save you, that's it nice and simple. Then ask God to fill you with the Holy Ghost. He will help you grow stronger each day as you read the bible and pray to Him.


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