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Psalms Chapter 63


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BSP's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 1/29/2021, 5:56am...

Verse 3-life without Jehovah God's loyal love and kindness would be meaningless. These qualities strengthen and comfort us as we go through life and face different things.


Suz's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 11/28/2020, 9:24am...

We know that life can be tough, and life is beautiful but then life is also unfair, yet regardless of what life throws at us, God's lovingkindness is bound to surpass it.

Thus, because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. (Psa. 63:3)

Let's keep on praising the Lord for he is good and his mercies endureth for ever.


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