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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 12/14/2022, 12:36pm...

Psalm 63.

In studying these and other Psalms recently of David; I just realized that there is quite a parallel in his life along with the Lord Jesus Christ-namely; they both spent much time in the wilderness.

Being the Son of God; there were some things; such as guaranteed indestructibility until His time came that He was aware of. However in both cases there was much time for praise and worship as well as prayer. David doesn't seem to mention prayer as much as the Gospels do with Christ arising before dawn and even praying all night in the case of choosing His disciples.

Psalm 91 gives assurances of angelic protection such as we see in verse 7. Christ was strengthened by angels; and also had Satan quote verse 11 in that Psalm to use against Him.

One needs to be cognizant of their walk with God; because without the full armor of God we risk His Spirit being grieved and allowing some of our protection to be lifted so as to teach us not to stray. To misuse scripture to attempt to bring a blessing or angelic power for our own personal gain was something that Satan tempted Christ with; so we should know better.

Verse 9 in Psalm 63 once again is a very clear indication of hell "lower parts of the earth" those who would attempt to destroy David; and of course God will have vengeance when Christ returns to destroy the earth's armies at Armageddon. (see Luke 19:27).


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 10/08/2022, 9:24pm...

Yes, Giannis,

Jesus' mind always in complete agreement with the Father, and also He always said "yes" to the Father, not just from His lips, but with His mind, will, heart, and body.


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