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Hazel Carty's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 6/30/2020, 1:39am...

Thank You Father for upholding me know sweet the name of Jesus sound Amen


Bendito Palavra's Psalms Chapter 63 comment on 6/03/2020, 1:27pm...

The right hand is the dominant hand for most people. In battle, the right arm would wield the sword or draw the bowstring to shoot the arrow. A king would hold his sceptre in his right hand as a symbol of his power. To be placed at the right hand of the king would signify honor and authority given.

In Genesis 48, Israel placed his right hand of blessing on the head of Joseph's younger son Ephraim while his left hand was on the head of the firstborn son Manasseh. His right hand deliberately conferred a greater blessing on Ephraim.

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God's right hand of power as Colossians 1 makes evident. He is also elevated to the right hand of God's throne in Heaven as declared in Romans 8:34, Ephesians 1:20, Colossians 3:1, Hebrews 1:3 and elsewhere in the scripture. David trusted the LORD as his Savior and prophetically includes this aspect of the LORD's nature in his psalms.


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