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BETTY J's Psalms Chapter 103 comment on 4/30/2020, 6:59pm...

When you read psalms 103 it should make you ever so grateful that we a god who forgives our sin and heals all our diseases and redeems our souls from we so rightfully desire. who loves us so....in spite of the wretched our past and our oft times transgressions now... you can't help but have a heart of gratefulness, thankfulness praise, and worship and servitude towards the living and holy god.

the psalm writer teaches us how to worship the everlasting, eternal, all-wise and righteous god, who is filled with love and compassion towards his children.


Angie Gray's Psalms Chapter 103 comment about verse 3 on 4/06/2020, 10:01am...

I'm praying for you and your family


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