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Dixoin's Deuteronomy Chapter 16 comment on 7/11/2021, 3:45am...

I agree David. It is about trust and giving joyfully. GOD BLESS!


David's Deuteronomy Chapter 16 comment on 5/30/2021, 10:53am...

The tithing asked by the Lord is basically a test to show how much you love and trust in Him. The term "able", many people fall back on, actually refers back to "want to" or again how much I believe in scripture and His promises given to those who are obedient to Him. Yes, I understand that the Bible uses the term "able" too. But not in the context many people use it. (See 2 Corinthians 9:7)

Does the Lord need my tithe or offering? He owns the cattle over a thousand hills. It is not 10, but a tenth. The terminology isn't necessarily expect or requires, but He desires us to trust in Him. To hold back what scripturally is God's, in the first place, is to bind God's hand in blessing you. Read Malachi 3. He wants us to give joyfully and trusting in Him. Our choice.

All giving is not regulated to the church. However the tithe is. If one cannot give a tithe to your current church, of which you are a member for whatever reason, then you must find a local church body of believers that you can give your tithes regularly and cheerfully. Lastly, nothing God says or does is to harm, demean, or shackle us to a hard life, but He tells us things to help us to have an abundant, blessed life here on earth. Tithing may be just a part of what you may need to change with your relationship with God. There may be other things in our walk with Him that needs to be filtered thru the Bible. May we realize God's ultimate love and care for us.


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