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Numbers Chapter 6


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GiGi's Numbers Chapter 6 comment on 3/27/2023, 12:55pm...

Numbers Chapter 6

The Benediction

In Numbers 6, God instituted a way for leaders to bless the people with a prayer of benediction.

We see this patterned by Paul, Peter, and Jude also gave benedictions at the end of there letters to the churches. I recommend to those reading this that we each read these benedictions from the writers of Scriptures as these are inspired by God, just as the Aaronic blessing came from God, too.

One of my favorite part of church service is receiving the benediction from the pastor. I hold out my hands palms up to receive it for myself. How good it is to be blessed of God through the pastor God has put over me. The benediction binds the body together in a common blessing until they meet together once again. These "parting words" are valuable and endearing to me.

As parents, we too can impart benedictions upon our children as they grow up and even when grown. I pray for my sons daily, but I especially look forward to the time when they will be receptive of me and my husband praying over them once again.

LORD GOD, I pray once again for my sons, Brian, Rob, and Kevin, and for my daughter in law, Elfe. I ask that You will bring each of them to faith in Your Son Jesus, who is the only Savior for them. I ask that you will remove the stony hearts in them and do the miracle of giving them a softened heart that will turn to You in faith. I ask that You will remove all Islamic influences from Elfe and Brian, all the barriers erected by Satan in their lives and in the lives of Rob and Kevin. Break down all of the idolatrous altars in their minds and souls and show them the wonders of your grace and mercies in Jesus Christ the Lord of all. Father, because You know how it feels for Your children to go astray into unbelief, rebellion, and idolatry, I know that You understand my heart. I also know that Your plans are to redeem each of them in time. I look forward to that day when they will turn to You and be made secure in faith by the Spirit.


GiGi's Numbers Chapter 6 comment about verse 26 on 3/27/2023, 12:40pm...

Numbers Chapter 6

The last section of this chapter contains the prayer that God told Aaron to use as a blessing upon God's people. He was to use this often to bless the Israelites. it is very wonderful that it was God's Words that Aaron and the high priests after him used to bestow God's blessing upon God's people. These were not words composed by Moses or Aaron or any other man. So, these words are fr us as well as for the Israelites of that time, as they have been recorded in His Word for us.

"The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord make His face shine upon you

and be gracious to you

The Lord life up His countenance upon you and give you peace."

Then the chapter concludes with these words

"And they (the priests) shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them."

How good it is to marked as God's own children. The ancient Israelites were so marked by the name of YHWH as we are marked with the name of Jesus. YHWH is the Savior of the Israelites and Jesus is the Savior of both Jews and Gentiles. YHWH/Jesus is the Savior of all who believe, no matter if one is a Jew or Gentile, it is the one same God who saves us all.

So we can know by this Aaronic blessing that God wants to bless us: to bring us good and not curses; to keep us: to preserve us in our faith and place in Jesus until we enter heaven. He wants to have His face shine upon us: to look on us with favor and acceptance that we may reflect the light of His face to others. He wills to be gracious to us: through grace He saves us and is gracious in all of His ways to His children. He will lift up His countenance upon us: He will look upon us with love, mercy, and grace; he will give us His attention; and He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will give us peace: Jesus is our peace, the Prince of Peace. In Him we have the peace of knowing Him and knowing that our sins are forgiven and that we can have the peace that passes understanding.

What a beautiful blessing (benediction)! cont.


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