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Roman's Isaiah Chapter 39 comment on 4/01/2022, 1:18am...

Olalekan fowodu,

You have wise words. However, there are other ways to look at this. From my view, I thought God showed much compassion towards Hezekiah, and for good reason. Hezekiah was perhaps the best king of Judah, he followed after the Lord, delighted in the Lord, and the Lord added to his kingdom after it was to be taken away. That is huge. Being told that he would live out his days in peace, lifted Hezekiah's spirit, and what was his crime? Hezekiah showed the visiting Babylonian royals all of Israels sacred treasures, silver and gold. God is not a respecter of men, even so, He sure did Hezekiah right. It makes me feel warm knowing that a good king was rewarded for his works.


Olalekan fowodu's Isaiah Chapter 39 comment on 3/31/2022, 10:49pm...

Hezekiah was a prayerful king. He had a good relationship with his maker. However, Hezekiah did not do the right thing in this chapter 39. He felt he wouldn't be affected, so judgement could come upon the next generations. Who knows, if he interceded, the judgement could have been

averted. He was unconcerned because he was not under threat by any king neither was he sick, so he said, "Good is the word of the LORD which thou hast spoken. He said moreover, For there shall be peace and truth in my days''.

As a believer, we must always pray for others, even if we are not directly affected or concern by the issue. Jesus Christ prayed for believers, and He is still interceding for the church and the world in general.


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