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Brutus's Leviticus Chapter 18 comment about verse 22 on 1/26/2021, 8:13am...

White signifies purity and is the traditional color to signify the bride is a Virgin.

The Bible does not allow sex outside of marriage except to raise up an offspring for a deceased family member.

If she has had sex with the groom or boyfriends in the past, then she should not wear white.

The wedding is to be within the confines of the Church and not 'allowed' by the State.

Man has now given the State authority to decide if two people can be married.

I said "IF" as if you have to get a license from the State, that license can be denied.



Who ELSE survived The Flood's Leviticus Chapter 18 comment on 1/09/2021, 2:31am...

It helps very much to have a king james Study Bible, WITH center of page REFERENCE COLUMNS.

The scripture has tiny alphabet letters that match a reference in the column. Make sure you're in the correct chapter.

The reference will point to other scriptures that add more information to the first scripture; sometimes points to a prophesy in the future, or a completed one in the past.

I just keep a notepad and write them all down and then I read them. You get a more complete picture of what was going on.

I have done this study of procreation after the flood. The Bloodline of Jesus Christ was saved on the Ark. His bloodline was to be preserved until His Incarnation on Earth.

People drowned that were human, but unbelievers (or) refused to listen to Noah's warnings to repent and turn back to God..died.

'Inhabitants' (so called by the Bible) were the evil 1/3 of created angels that followed Lucifer and were bannered from heaven and hurled to the earth. They are the inhabitants that lusted after Adams daughters; married them and started families.

Their flesh bodies were drowned in the flood. Their invisible spirits (read Ephesians 6) survived. Not having bodies, they had to take possession of some type of body (animal, insect, aquatic etc), UNTIL they could possess a human that refused to pay attention to the teachings of God.

People have routinely chosen to worship hills, stars, animals like frogs, "golden calves", cats etc.

You see all those examples reading Moses' early life in Egypt.

Satan was still on this earth and Lord over all those invisible demons. He appoints levels of demons. They are the reason that BAD THINGS happen to good people.

They study us intently to see where our weaknesses are; how can they capture us? The unsaved, not born again people: have nothing to fight with, against a demon that wants to cause harm or death, suicide,

Only Christians can fight them: in Jesus NAME! Ephesians 6.



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