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Thawn Khai's Leviticus Chapter 18 comment on 2/04/2021, 9:21pm...

i love to read the Bible


Brutus's Leviticus Chapter 18 comment about verse 22 on 1/26/2021, 8:13am...

White signifies purity and is the traditional color to signify the bride is a Virgin.

The Bible does not allow sex outside of marriage except to raise up an offspring for a deceased family member.

If she has had sex with the groom or boyfriends in the past, then she should not wear white.

The wedding is to be within the confines of the Church and not 'allowed' by the State.

Man has now given the State authority to decide if two people can be married.

I said "IF" as if you have to get a license from the State, that license can be denied.



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