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S Spencer's Ezekiel Chapter 1 comment on 8/18/2022, 8:05pm...

Thanks Jim.

Many people seem things, few will let you know it. Who knows?

One thing we know for certain if it's out there God created it. It's amazing how the heavens declare his Glory and we can only see how far the eyes will let you.

God bless.


Jim Wilson's Ezekiel Chapter 1 comment on 8/17/2022, 8:29pm...

Fourty seven years ago I had an experience with well craft, UFO's that went on all night. Always suspected it was good vs evil. When I came across Ezekiel one it was very emotional. He explained them very well especially for the time and language. I have come to the conclusion if you believe the Bible and I do. You believe in UFO's and aliens from far away places. God Bless


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