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Rob's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment about verse 10 on 10/25/2020, 8:53pm...

According to the law Adultery was punishable by death .

So was murder of another .

One reason as well the adulterous person was put to death it freed the innocent person to marry another qualified to marry .

But in today's world they would call it murder . So the innocent person must remain single because of an unjust world , we can see as things are falling away the criminals seem to be getting more and more rights .

Here is a question for you that think because we are under grace the laws do not apply ; so being under grace if you kill someone that's fine you are not under the law right ?

Adultery and murder are quite close in degrees of sin , both punishable by death , according to Gods laws .


Johnny Martinez's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment about verse 13 on 9/26/2020, 1:00pm...

It is NOT talking about child molesters. The scripture says they are BOTH committing an abomination. Why would God charge a child with sin, if it was against his will? It is talking about two men who both know what they are doing. And it is a sin


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