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Mishael On Leviticus 2016's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment about verse 16 on 11/01/2020, 7:08pm...

This is from a Commentary on Google. It shows the seriousness of perversion. In most cases it's a death sentence.

Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament:

Whoever cursed father or mother was to be punished with death (Leviticus 19:3); "His blood would be upon him." The CURSING of parents was a capital crime (see at Leviticus 17:4, and for the plural Exodus 22:1 and Genesis 4:10), which was to return upon the doer of it, according to Genesis 9:6. The same punishment was to be inflicted upon ADULTERY (Leviticus 20:10, cf. Leviticus 18:20), carnal intercourse with a father's wife (Leviticus 20:11, cf. Leviticus 18:7-8) or with a daughter-in-law (Leviticus 20:12, cf. Leviticus 18:17), SODOMY (Leviticus 20:13, cf. Leviticus 18:22), sexual intercourse with a mother and her daughter, in which case the punishment was to be heightened by the burning of the criminals when put to death (Leviticus 20:14, cf. Leviticus 18:17), lying (mating) with a beast (Leviticus 20:15, Leviticus 20:16, cf. Leviticus 18:23), sexual intercourse with a half-sister (Leviticus 20:17, cf. Leviticus 18:9 and Leviticus 18:11), and lying with a menstruous woman (Leviticus 20:18, cf. Leviticus 18:19). The punishment of death, which was to be inflicted in all these cases upon both the criminals, and also upon the beast that had been abused (Leviticus 20:15, Leviticus 20:16), was to be by stoning, according to Leviticus 20:2, Leviticus 20:27, and Deuteronomy 22:21.; and by the burning (Leviticus 20:14) we are not to understand death by fire, or burning alive, but, as we may clearly see from Joshua 7:15 and Joshua 7:25, burning the corpse after death. This was also the case in Leviticus 21:9 and Genesis 38:24.

You can Google Book plus the scripture to read other Bible Commentaries.


Lise Carmen Verdon's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment about verse 16 on 11/01/2020, 2:56pm...

I do not understand clearly what this scripture means. I would like a response please.

Thank you


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