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LACEy's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment about verse 10 on 4/04/2021, 2:33pm...

By the way i am an adult now, but i was just asking what the adult "child " could do with a rebellious family member. I understand the verse here talks about if the man commits adultery, but in my own life, it was quite different.


Steve Taplin's Leviticus Chapter 20 comment on 2/28/2021, 8:59am...

Just remember...

The word of God was written for a child to understand.

Albeit, that some books, chapter, verses are written with a heavenly meaning...parable...prophesy, that are hidden until revealed in Gods time.


If I would write a chapter on any subject...many people whom read it may have different interpretations especially if it were translated in different languages.

There are many verses in the bible that are confusing to me (I read the bible translated to the KJV)...but I must only look to the bible for the answers or to hear or see the blessing of God.


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