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Tunney's Acts Chapter 19 comment about verse 2 on 12/29/2023, 5:52pm...

LORD to shine HIS face on all the saints. Happy New Year everyone!

May we all go forward in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, empowered by the HOLY GHOST dwelling in us, and with wisdom from HIS word.

December 29, 2023


Texsis's Acts Chapter 19 comment about verse 2 on 3/26/2023, 1:21pm...

Pray this day finds you & your well. This should help you out..Remember the theif hanging by Jesus that ask Jesus to remember him, Jesus replied "today you shall be with me in heaven". Do you feel this man is now in heaven with Jesus? Of course he is.Therefore, he wasn't taking down, baptised, then returned to the cross.! Jesus died for ALL sin & if one excepts Him as Lord& Savior: John 3:16; they are now baptised with His holy spirit. I got baptised cuz I want ppl to hold me accountable To my repenting. Yet it is not a requirement to get to be saved or get to heaven or His death was for nothing. When it was said, NO works can get you to heaven, baptism was included my child of God.


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