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Chris's Leviticus Chapter 25 comment on 11/19/2020, 3:32am...

The Year of Jubilee for Israel, came after the completion of 49 years (i.e. on the 50th year). And during this year, people were released from their debts, slave owners had to grant freedom to their slaves, & property returned back to the owners. It was a year basically dedicated to rest - similar to the institution of the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week as a rest day for Israel. So even those with farms & crops had to desist from working - so it was a time for both the man & the land to recover (there were Sabbath years as well for the resting of the land) & maybe people would attend to the more weightier matters of life.

And for the Christian, the Year of Jubilee foreshadows Christ's future work at the Cross. Through His death & resurrection, the sinner coming in repentance & faith, is also relieved from the punishment due to us & being enslaved to sin - finding our complete & eternal rest in Christ alone.


Veronica Ewing-Clarke's Leviticus Chapter 25 comment on 11/18/2020, 9:35pm...

what does the year of jubilee means


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