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S Spencer's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 5/20/2024, 9:46am...

Hi Tdianne.

I would like to share my thoughts on archeology findings used to date some of ancient beings and dinosaurs ect.ect.

In the middle east just a few years ago, (maybe 3 or 4) there was an archeology finding of what was supposedly bones and a skull of a caveman over a million years old. The Archeologists made this assumption due to the settlement and depth of the earth during the excavation.

Then there was a problem!

They also found a coin with the imprint of a Pharoah in the same settlement that dated around 7000 years.

The unique imprint of this Pharaoh gives the identity of the Pharaoh and Archeologists are able to research the time he reign.

I find that interesting.

God bless you.


GiGi's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 5/19/2024, 7:33pm...

Hello, Adam, You are missed. Hope to hear more from you.


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