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Chris's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 11/27/2020, 10:33pm...

In my view & giving a simple answer to your general question about kissing, I would say, 'No, it's not a sin'.

However, the act may not be a sin, but within some situations it might lead to sin or at least seriously affect another person's life or future by sending the wrong message. When two people are committed to each other even to the point of planning for a life together, then a display of emotion & intimacy to that level, would be acceptable. In some countries, that of course would be out of the question, as minimal contact, if any at all, would be allowed until after the wedding day.

There is the other aspect of Christians greeting each other with a 'holy kiss' (2 Corinthians 13:12). And this simply means a 'loving embrace or warm handshake' as appropriate, signifying our family-ness in the Lord & joy in seeing one another. There is no suggestion of anything more than this.


Mickalia Brown's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 11/27/2020, 5:45pm...

Is kissing a sin?


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