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Oseas's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 4/13/2024, 8:39am...

Dear Adam

English is not my native language,for me it's harder to speak of the theories of man-made than to speak of the Word of GOD.

To those that say age of the Earth is around 14 billions of years,we can counter argue that the number is not accurate,although to the common man it could be, the gods of this world(the common men made of the dust of the earth-Genesis 2:19)have blinded the minds of them which believe in them,believe in them which trie to plagiarize the science of the Most High and Almighty GOD, but the best of their conceptions in this field is nothing more than foolish conjectures and deceitful theories given by man-made scientific apparatus.

What we belivers must say to the atheists is that the age of the Earth is much much more than that billions of years age they claim.This assert lefts them very astonished,of course.What we must say to the atheists in the reply, is that the age pointed in their posts is the maximum limit that man-made scientific apparatus or measuring equipments of the scientists is ABLE to measure.So it has nothing to do with the age of the Earth.We could say unto them or would say that for measuring the age of the Earth the men need to invent a scientific apparatus more qualified and ABLE to measure beyond or over of what has been measured by the scientists to this date, then the false current theory of the Earth's age will be changed for a new theory.I'm sure they will never get do it first because the Universe is a GOD's secret,second because they not know that the Devil's world in which they are living will END now,even now,from now on,it has been pre-determined to start in this current decade,it with great and traggic destruction as was previously prophesied-confirmed by Revelation 11:18-,whereof GOD has given assurance unto all men in His former secret book of Apocalypse-Re.1:1-,sealed with seven seals,which were revealed to JESUS and were broken and opened by Him around 65 years after His ascension.

GOD bless


Bennymkje's Genesis Chapter 1 comment on 4/13/2024, 8:28am...


The Bible is not any book on our natural world. Dinosaurs ammonites all have their place. God is a Spirit and God's kingdom has its own rules as there are rules for grammar. Any one who would move in a polite society and wants to be looked up speaks as a cultured well educated person.So don'be drawn by atheists whose little knowledge is from Science that is incomplete. After Galileo they want only proof so they shall keep on driving a square block in round hole. Faith with works is simply trust in our Savior Lord and work as he would want us.

If one has the Son he has the Father as well. So understand the word of God by the indwelling Spirit and it is the only way.


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