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Amos Chapter 8


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Teresa Roper's Amos Chapter 8 comment on 6/15/2020, 6:40am...

Jeremiah 10:21

For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.


Andrew Kingsly Raj's Amos Chapter 8 comment on 6/08/2020, 2:24am...

Answers in the Bible

In this chapter we see Amos bringing the Word of God but the people had no appetite for it because of their apathy. In making application we see that we have the Word of God in our hands today,the Bible, yet we look for answers everywhere else except in its pages which contain all the answers to our lives. How about you? Do you see the Word of God for the answers in your life. Let us learn from our text today and the direction of Amos to see that the Bible holds all the answers to the questions we have in how to live our lives.


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