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Doug's Amos Chapter 8 comment on 3/01/2022, 10:33am...

Dear T. Levis,

Thank you, these are very helpful. I've not read the book of Zephaniah. Malachi and Isaiah also. After studying Ezekiel I believe I can get through Isaiah, but that is a very strong book it will take a lot of concentration. Thank you for your comments they are well met.

Thank you, a brother through Yeshua HaMashiach,



T Levis's Amos Chapter 8 comment on 2/28/2022, 5:04pm...

1Thessalonians 4:17,

Please read: Daniel 7, Zephaniah 1:15, Zephaniah 1,

* Matthew 24:29-30, "After the tribulation" Matthew 24:3-51, Matthew 24:21,22, Matthew 26:64, Mark 13:5-37, * note Mark 13:23-27, Mark 13:19 first, Mark 14:62, Revelation 1:5-8, these all seem to be the same event; 1Corinthians 15:52, context: 1Corinthians 15:20-58, Revelation 9, has the six prior trumpet blasts then Revelation 10, also lining up with prior noted scripture of the last trumpet: Revelation 10:7, & Revelation 10:6, Revelation 10:1, Matthew 25:31-46, seems to be the end, beginning of judgement. Psalms 9:7,

2Timothy 4:3,

2Timothy 2:3, Matthew 24:13, Mark 13:13,

Hope this is helpful


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