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1 Samuel Chapter 31


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Gary cunningham's 1 Samuel Chapter 31 comment on 3/22/2022, 12:48pm...

Thanks for your help on the tree question, regards GC


Free's 1 Samuel Chapter 31 comment on 3/20/2022, 12:51am...

Hi "Gary cunningham", ty for the info, have never even stumbled upon this :) In my KJV there is a reference to 2 Samuel 1.21 and 21, 12. This had little meaning. But further: 2 Samuel 21, where we learn more about the bones. Hope this could help you, forgive me if i talk in the nightcap.

Confusion can be an answer. And many translations. But there are many really good ppl in here who may understand this better.

John Chapter 11 and 12

Stay blessed all ppl in Jesus name, love u all


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