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Ann E Anglin's Song of Solomon Chapter 6 comment on 6/28/2020, 8:21pm...

SOS.....To Nevermore and All the rest of great comments and contributions towards SOS(make it much easier n clearer to understand

We're so Blessed, we feed off each other. It such a blessing to not just read but to have The chapters broke down vs by vs sometimes word by word to n for

those that needs more understanding such as I

Thank youAll I have enjoyed reading this book with more understanding each time around

May God Bless us All and keep us in The Palm of His Hands


Wanda's Song of Solomon Chapter 6 comment on 5/16/2020, 5:04am...

To JS in Reply on SoS -- I agree with your response "WoW, It was refreshing to see someone with so much insight on the SOS 6:13. The writer Nevermore Mazongo did a wonderful job and I would just like to thank this writer. I was trying to figure out what was happening in this chapter and was having problems getting it. Until I read their explanation of it. Once again Nevermore "WOW", and Thanks.


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