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David's Song of Solomon Chapter 6 comment on 1/01/2022, 9:44am...

Praise the Lord and His Holy and righteous name. I am thankful as we begin this new year, that my God, the Lord Jesus Christ blesses us as we seek Him diligently and faithfully.

Thanks to all who contribute so freely what the Lord has given you on this platform. The Lord shine His face on all on this media and give you protection as we walk in this new year.

God bless you. January 1, 2022


Ann E Anglin's Song of Solomon Chapter 6 comment on 6/28/2020, 8:21pm...

SOS.....To Nevermore and All the rest of great comments and contributions towards SOS(make it much easier n clearer to understand

We're so Blessed, we feed off each other. It such a blessing to not just read but to have The chapters broke down vs by vs sometimes word by word to n for

those that needs more understanding such as I

Thank youAll I have enjoyed reading this book with more understanding each time around

May God Bless us All and keep us in The Palm of His Hands


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