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Prophetic Thoughts and Politics's Deuteronomy Chapter 28 comment on 11/14/2020, 7:48pm...

I wrote on that last night. Check the room history pages near the bottom.

I would keep to the New Testament for Jesus's teachings about the Jews. Read Paul's books.

Jesus ratified the NEW Covenant with his own sinless Blood for all people.

New Covenant, improved benefits. Some prophesies concerning the Jews are still being worked out: not yet fulfilled. By reading Jewish news, you can get a sense of how the prophesies are advancing to completion.

Since the entire Bible is a story about Jesus: we ought to study the 2 Covenants (Testaments) in order and separately; as they are recorded.

On November 13, 700 Club aired what Joe Biden intends to do concerning Israel and the Palestinian states/countries. You and everybody should go on YouTube and watch that show.

He plans to utterly reverse or destroy everything President Trump accomplished in establishing peace.

We are awaiting the announcement of a 7 year Peace Treaty.

The Catching Away of the Church is timed around then. Only Father God knows the exact moment.

When the Peace Treaty is in force the Antichrist will soon be revealed.

So today I was thinking about politics and prophesy.

If Biden is made President; Kamala is 2nd in Command. Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in Command. If 1 and 2 were killed, Nancy would be President. I'm thinking that a former president would become her vice-President. Who said on network news camera: he was only sorry he couldn't have a 3rd shot at President. Wild thought, huh?

Our future is sitting on quick sand right now. We never think about prophesy (the Bible), and politics

Advancing side by side.

My advice is get you and your loved ones born again. Because when that Peace Treaty turns up in the news... it's wrapping up time. I just want everyone to be ready to go with Jesus.

When you consider these matters and add to it: that Biden intends to throw our doors open to China (who sells us swine flu infected meat) AND other countries, it's looking g


Adam's Deuteronomy Chapter 28 comment on 11/14/2020, 12:18pm...

Hello, what verse do you believe says that? Is there a personal reason that this topic is important to you?


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