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Different Bibles's Exodus Chapter 15 comment on 4/07/2021, 11:21am...

There's a way to see all versions at a glance: Google a scripture (chapter:verse) and hit search. Google will display that verse in all major versions of the Bible.

Teenagers might enjoy the NIV or New King James Bible.

The Living Bible is paraphrased so it's more like reading a story.

Most serious students of the Bible prefer the King James Version because it has less diversion from the original languages.

For studying try a KJV Reference Bible. I prefer those that have the reference notes in center of each page columns.

This website has a super fast SEARCH BOX. Say like you want to look up all verses in the Bible about "CAUGHT UP IN THE CLOUDS", or as others say Rapture, the search engine will fetch all of those verses. You can pare down the list by clicking Old Testament or just the New Testament.

You can sort the verses in Bible order

If you want to read Commentary on your verse, touch or click the verse; it will highlight yellow. Scroll down till you see your Commentary.

Hope this helps.


Sean's Exodus Chapter 15 comment on 4/07/2021, 7:06am...

Hello, I recently "graduated" to the kjv from the niv and it's like reading God's Word again for the first time! My question is basically from my wife who asked me, " so are the other versions wrong?" While I did my own research and found that there are omissions in other versions compared to the kjv, which I have found to be enlightening, I'm unable to come to up with an answer that would suffice. Any thoughts?


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