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Mishael's Exodus Chapter 15 comment on 10/12/2020, 4:34am...

I was an astrologer until 1985. I asked God to wipe my brain's hard drive and toss the pins, after a supernatural salvation and deliverance from ALL occult things. Satan tried to get rid of me many times.

One day someone (who didn't know me) asked me what it meant to have a Leo sun sign. I thought really hard for a definition and my mind was blank. It's not in my head anymore and I give the Lord all of my praise and Worship for doing a miracle.

Later I asked the Lord to remove names and faces of people who would trouble my sleep. I do not remember things of my past that cause pain.

Pray and ask yourself if you really need to remember those things?


Stanjett's Exodus Chapter 15 comment on 9/21/2020, 8:38pm...

Obv. Cain and Abel had to marry one of their sisters. Adam and Eve had other kids beside Cain and Abel and some of them was girls.


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