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GiGi's Psalms Chapter 95 comment on 12/28/2021, 3:47pm...

Khalif, I will pray for you.

Dear Lord Jesus, You know all things that will come our way in our life. Please give khalif assurance that You are the provider of all good things. I pray that you prepare him and his future wife to meet one another and that they both will know that it is You who have given each of you to one another for a life-long loving marriage. Make Khalif patient. Show him how he is to live each day for You and for Your glory. Guide his future wife to be a beautiful, faith filled woman who walks in the Spirit and seeks You humbly and earnestly. We pray this in Your name Jesus, Amen.


Adam's Psalms Chapter 95 comment on 12/28/2021, 12:08pm...

Hi Khalif,

I don't have a good answer for your question, but can talk generally about living as a Christian.

As Christians we aren't promised a problem-free life. The Bible says will actually be harder for us due to persecution, etc.

Some Christians assume Romans 8:28 means they deserve or are entitled to a privileged life. Some like Osteen preach this on TV which is a false teaching in my opinion. Some people are told if they're not living in sin they will get free goodies/rewards from God, like money, possessions, health, good relationships, etc. It's really a self centered immature and distorted perspective. God isn't a genie in a lamp here to serve us. If anything its the opposite- we exist at the pleasure of God and to serve Him.

Paul was shipwrecked, beaten, chased, in prison, you name it, but was one the most prominent Christian evangelists. He was persecuted and had a rough life, not a prosperity-gospel type life full of 'abundance' in this world. But Paul said he found the secret of contentment. Have you read that before? Here's a guy you would assume would be very depressed and discouraged, but he wasn't. He cracked the code. We don't need to fill ourselves with outside things to make us feel whole, but can be content as we are. God is the strength in our weakness and can make up the difference. So, in terms of managing frustration, maybe reading more about Paul may help: Philippians 4:10-13.

As far as relationships, some I know seemed to find partners when young like a God-arranged divine event. But others I know have been single their whole lives. Each pray and are serious about their walk with God.

God bless...


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