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Wayda's Psalms Chapter 95 comment on 7/19/2020, 10:36am...

Psalms 95 Really is one clear scripture. Most humans have busy lives and at moments they forget that God even exist.

I think this scripture is about how God is reminding us to take time and come to our senses, praise him every chance we get. Worship like it's no tomorrow & be humble to are God for he is are king creator and everything above. (I'm gonna end this comment with a prayer) Dear Heavenly Farther I come to you with all my heart,mind,and soul. Some things I cannot control but I know you can Lord please help me & whomever is reading this to never forget all the things you have done for each of us. Lord I know you are Lord and we are nothing but clay, So I praise you & worship you AMEN


Sunday Levinus Alaka's Psalms Chapter 95 comment about verse 6 on 7/19/2020, 8:25am...

In light of God being our Maker and our God, we worship and bow down before Him (verse 6). "The Hebrew word translated worship means literally 'to prostrate oneself.' When bow down, kneel, and worship occur together as in this verse, they amplify each other and call for a reflective, humble approach to God".


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