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Rick's Judges Chapter 8 comment on 11/28/2021, 7:14pm...

Hi Kevin We live in a time of tremendous opportunity to bless and deliver people but also of so called prophets

and teachers who are going political or acceptable of certain practices that God plainly states is straight up

idolatrous including the prosperity trip where they live in unbelievable out of balance wealth. The people teaching

are constantly asking for more and more no balance. It seems like lust of flesh of eyes and the pride of life.

In the bible the people were so blessed that they brought in and had all things in common without being ask

or made to feel like if you don't give, God won't do anything for you and that's a lie. That being said there are

many who hunger and thirst after righteousness.


Dead Churches need Jesus too's Judges Chapter 8 comment on 11/28/2021, 2:20pm...

There are many good pastors teaching on FM RADIO. You could listen in your car. Just search around on it.

I highly recommend watching Greg Laurie on YouTube. Harvest Church. He doesn't meander on Bible at all. He's preaching to a young congregation.

I've walked out of churches that teach psychology instead of theology (Straight Bible). Find a church that teaches Bible.

Your comment shows you have hunger and thirst for the Lord. Bless you.


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