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Michael's Luke Chapter 24 comment on 9/28/2020, 8:29am...

In Luke 24...The promise that Jesus our Lord spoke about to His followers is confirmed in Acts 2. Being filled with the Holy Spirit and one will receive power (dunamis; greek). Acts 2:38,39 explains that one repents, one receives salvation and one receives the promised (gift) of the Holy Spirit in His fullness. John baptized with water to repentance but Jesus baptizes in fire. When Jesus Christ ascended into heaven; He sat at the right hand of the Father on High and poured out His Holy Spirit on the believers who were already saved by the cross of Jesus Christ and His atoning blood. Now Acts reveals a gift from God which enables a true believer or believers in Jesus Christ to undergo His work on earth through His power...The result is 1st Corinthians 12 - 14; included within is the revealing of the gifts of the Holy Spirit....Jesus left us to be with His Father but did not forsake His Church but given Himself for us through His precious Spirit..


Elsie Ekpenyong's Luke Chapter 24 comment on 8/29/2020, 1:48am...

How beautiful our lord jesus is, what a touching account of his love to rise from the dead and still yet return to his loved ones to teach, explain, and expound the scriptures to them.

glorious, excellent, magnificent, most holy, most high god.

so lovely, so loving, so kind, so compassionate.

this alone is proof of your majesty jesus, that the whole world celebrates your birth and your resurrection year after year for centuries and for eternity regardless of their faith or belief.

only the hand of god could have done this!!!!!!



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