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Carleton's Luke Chapter 24 comment about verse 23 on 4/04/2021, 10:31am...

Greetings, Today at our three nearby congregations all coming together at one location, there is soon to be a wedding. These two believers man and woman first had born again experiences and have their conversation in the Lord for several years already. Today God Willing they will be married together in the Lord. A three fold cord. Some older folks because of the crowd size will be listening in. The service on the first day of the week is a blessing and even more so in remembrance of the the Resurrection.The wedding is a Gospel service and is only a few moments away from start. A new Christian home is soon in the works and someday soon a new Christian home is also being prepared in Heaven.

First song:"Worthy is the Lamb"


God bless our meditations.


Mishael's Luke Chapter 24 comment about verse 23 on 4/03/2021, 9:36pm...

I would put that scripture into Google and read down the lists on commentary of it.

A vision and a dream are not the same.

A vision is seeing a scene in real time.


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