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2 Samuel Chapter 14


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Charley's 2 Samuel Chapter 14 comment on 4/20/2019, 7:49pm...

your life is separated all right heaven or hell.mark 8-36
what does it profit a man if he would gain the whole world
and lose his soul what can a man gain in exchange for his
soul. jesus christ alone saves from hell


Biblefan's 2 Samuel Chapter 14 comment on 8/16/2018, 5:03am...

there's a pattern in many of these chapters(especially involving david) David is very objective when hearing a tale about "someone else's foibles" and is able to readily dispense wisdom when the matter doesn't appear to relate to him directly. Afterwards the talebearer turns around and points the finger back at David(remember Bathsheeba and the lamb analogy). David at least shows repentance.


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