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Rick's Jeremiah Chapter 7 comment on 12/23/2021, 5:27am...

Veda The adversary has mastered mixing the truth of the word of God with the traditions of men then

repackaging so it doesn't appear bad or wrong in many categories. There is a record in the old testament when God

gave the order to take over Jericho in chapter 6:17+18 not to take the accursed things. In Chapter 7 one man

in Israel took 1 Item Idolatrous and until they got rid of it Israel paid by losing Gods protection until they got

rid of it and the Entire family that brought it and stoned and burned them then we read chapter 7:26 and they

raised a heap of stones over it and the lord turned His wrath away from Israel. Bottom line is endeavor not to

get involved with idolatrous practices in any way shape or form. Sincerity is no Guarantee for Spiritual Truth

The whole record is in Chapters 6+7 very enlightening spiritually when it comes to house cleaning spiritually!


David's Jeremiah Chapter 7 comment on 12/23/2021, 2:16am...

Veda His Kingdom is the beginning of Mystery babylon spoken of in revelation.


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