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Tim legarie's Daniel Chapter 5 comment on 12/07/2021, 6:36am...

Daniel 5:25 And this is the writing that was written,Mene,Mene,Tekel,UPHARISIN26 Mene God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it.27:Tekel;Thou art found in the balances and found wanting.28: PERES;The kingdom is divided and given to the persians ,and Medes.A paradine of all the kingdoms that have come ,and gone,in history?The enemey seems to be pride the deadly sin that leads to so many more.


Jesse's Daniel Chapter 5 comment on 10/21/2021, 11:52am...

Brother Earl,

My answer would be that the born-again will still experience physical death, but never spiritual death. We are all born into this world spiritually dead and because of sin, we are separated from God. It is not until a person surrenders their life to Christ that they are made spiritually alive. At the point of salvation, we are made spiritually alive, never again to be separated from God. The death that a true believer (one who has been born of God's Spirit) will never experience is what the bible refers to as the second death. So the answer to your question would be yes and no. Yes, we as born again believers will experience physical death (Unless of course the Lord comes in our lifetime), and no, we will not experience the second death, spiritual death (Eternal separation from Christ), because we have been made alive in Christ. He is our seal. He is eternal. He lives in us. He will never leave us. So if I say I have eternal life, I am in essence saying that I have the eternal one, Christ living in me. I will always have Christ in me, and since He is eternal, I have eternal life, I have Christ. Would you like for me to share my understanding of the verses you listed?


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