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David's 1 Samuel Chapter 19 comment on 11/06/2021, 5:08am...

Hi T. Lewis What we read in Samuel is a record of Gods anointing Saul then losing the spirit and kingdom then God anoints David with the spirit and Saul goes really south because he tries to kill Gods new Leader david and God and other men of God I.E. prophets.


T. Levis's 1 Samuel Chapter 19 comment on 11/05/2021, 11:49pm...

GOD is amazing & never stops teaching us!! I glanced over this discussion/comment yesterday because at 1st glance it appeared your question was answered. Today I was replying to another question me & David we commenting on. While I researched deeper, it lead me back to one of the scriptures you're referring to 1 Samuel 19:24,

I felt lead to discuss this deeper with you. In context David was fleeing for his life from Saul : 1 Samuel 19:1,9,10,11,15, ( like 5 attempts? ),

1 Samuel 19:18, Saul then "sent messengers to take David" 1 Samuel 19:20,21, they prophesied

then Saul went himself, 1 Samuel 19:22 , 1 Samuel 19:24 it appears to me GOD supernaturally stopped Saul.

Interestingly Saul prophesied the 1st time after Samuel had anointed him king possibly 5 miles away from Ramah. 1 Samuel 10,

Romans 11:29 in NIV "irrevocable" replaces ' repentance '

Hopefully this informative in your study.


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