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Rev J Rodney Quesenberry's Luke Chapter 7 comment about verse 23 on 9/12/2020, 3:48am...

Great understanding of the term willful sin. John Wesley use to use those terms in the 1700's. The understanding of sin, that was not of the heart, not willful, no intent and no motive of premeditated thought. Yes a involuntary sin but not from a heart that's been purified by the Holy Ghost. But it still has to be recognized, asked forgiveness for and stay clean and holy.


Carleton's Luke Chapter 7 comment about verse 23 on 8/27/2020, 3:21pm...

A repentant experience by a born again believer requires faith not only in Jesus Christ and his blood bought sacrifice for the remission of one's sins but also faith that he will forgive our sins and that he will send the Holy Spirit as proof of his forgiveness and this Holy Spirit is peace and love dwelling in one's heart.

For some reason this conversion to a new life with power over willful sin can be offensive to some that call themselves Christian.



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