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Carleton's Luke Chapter 7 comment on 3/24/2021, 5:31am...

Discussion is looking real good the past hours!



Jesse's Luke Chapter 7 comment on 3/23/2021, 9:13pm...

S Spencer,

"We're not his sheep BECAUSE we follow him, we follow him BECAUSE we are his sheep!"

I like that! There is so much symbolism in John Chapter 10. There are eight terms used that we should all be familiar with that represent or symbolize something: sheepfold, The Porter (Doorkeeper), the door, the sheep, the shepherd, the hireling, thieves, and lastly robbers. They all represent something.

I agree with what you shared about the sheep being all put together in one place at night. There could have been hundreds if not thousands of sheep enclosed together in one place, and multiple shepherds each owning a portion of these sheep.

It fascinates me that each shepherd, one at a time, would come to the door and call for his sheep, and out of the many that were in there, only his would come out. None of the other sheep would come out.

In Palestine, the shepherds would call for their sheep. That's it! They didn't have to herd them from behind with horses and dogs to get them to where they needed to be. Instead of the shepherd herding the sheep from behind, he was ahead of the sheep and they followed him just by hearing his voice.

Our proper position in Christ is always behind Him. We don't walk beside Him, and we don't walk ahead of Him. Our proper position will always be behind Him. That's why He gave us the command to follow Him.

Just like the sheep in Palestine who heard the voice of their shepherd and followed him, we also as sheep hear the voice of our shepherd, and we follow Him, behind Him!


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